JTA Holding has adapted a new strategy for 2023 onwards, with a paradigm shift to become a focused investor in promising ideas and evolving businesses from inception to maturity, in niche markets and growing economies all around the world.

In JTA, we pride ourselves in utilizing an inhouse team of professionals as well as external subject matter expert groups, who carefully analyze opportunities and provide best custom-made execution and investment solutions, and in doing so ensure an organic success in the projects and businesses that we and our Partners are involved.

Our Investment solutions are in several areas that are fully supported by our holding and subsidiary companies. The main areas of interest are:

  • Oil & Gas and Petrochemicals
  • Minerals and Natural Resources
  • Construction & Infrastructure
  • Tourism & Transportation
  • Health, Sports & Wellbeing
  • IT, Education & Entertainment
  • Food & Agriculture
  • Fashion & Lifestyle

For projects in the above areas, our investment solutions apply to a maximum threshold of the total investment amount required. The remaining balance has to be contributed by the project owner, and/or the asset owner, and/or the business operator.


We consider ourselves a value adding global partner. We have a good grasp of local markets in the countries that we operate in and are fluent in contractual and business frameworks.

We have adopted a partnership strategy that accommodates partners whose business scale, objective, appetite, strategy, and background is synergistic with JTA’s. Whether you’re a small operator, an entrepreneur with the right idea, a medium or a large company, we have an investment solution that may well fit in with your venture or idea.

Our vision at JTA is to be the leading and the best-in-class independent niche market investor.

We take pride in our people, but equally important is our recognition of the value of partnership as a key driver to achieving our vision.

Our core strategy is to sustain an investment company through innovative partnerships, with a balanced and diversified portfolio. This will enable JTA and our partners to create premium value for all our collective stakeholders.

We believe we understand the business environment – especially in Qatar - and we are happy to cooperate closely with our partners to mitigate their business risks and we are willing to facilitate their presence in Qatar. We are even prepared to take risks and go with our partners to exciting destinations where we have never been.

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