JTA investigates all over the world and finds unique and attractive opportunities focused on long-term investments belong to partners that will and try to be global leaders in their sectors.
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JTA has a full service financial division dedicated to providing financing options for today's advanced business environment. Therefore, it committed to design solutions for well-defined projects in diverse industry fields.
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JTA consulting team brings industry insights and functional expertise while benefiting from superior management consulting perspectives and frameworks to deliver results that help clients achieve their business ambitions. Our services including strategy, marketing and sales, organization and transformation, technology and innovation management, corporate finance, digital transformation, operation management, risk, and sustainability.

Consulting in JTA with worldwide network seems different and incomparable. Business Development Consultancy is the major field of consulting offer for companies that want to grow and expand their business locally or internationally. Using our 23 country offices, we are able to deliver such kind of services professionally to all applicants including:
- Advising companies to expand the market share
- Being as a capable partner to cooperate in their business

Specifically in Qatar, we are supporting companies through fruitful partnership including:
- Facilitating the finance for projects and manufacturing lines inside or outside of Qatar.
- Supporting trade companies with one-year Letter of Credit (LC) from Qatari banks.
- Cooperating with EPC contractors to be able to finance their projects and be EPCF contractor inside or outside of Qatar
- Joining consultancy companies to help financing their clients

Also our partner can benefit from marketing capabilities of other 23 offices of JTA Holding in other countries.

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JTA believes that tourism has strong links to economic growth, benefits local people, provides opportunities for diversification and skills upgrading, and protects environmental and cultural assets. Therefore, we strongly entered in this area and support unique partners and projects from working traditional point of views in this industry to start-ups and technology-driven business ideas.
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