Be the Top Employer from Today

In today's dynamic and ever-evolving job market, the role of an employee is no longer the only option. The traditional mindset of seeking employment is gradually shifting towards a more empowering and entrepreneurial mindset—being the employer from today. This mindset encourages individuals to take charge of their careers, embrace...

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Ten Great Fears That Cause Failure

Fear is the main factor of failure and disappointment in professional life, relations and not achieving dreams and goals in human’s lives. In this article, we describe the most prevalent and important fears we face in our lives to find and overcome our greatest fear.

1. Fear of Rejection


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How Did the WhatsApp Owner Become Rich

Two decades ago, there was no war or revolution in Ukraine. Things caused death to many inanest people and incinerate so many children’s dreams, but everything was not good and appropriate in that time. Poverty, unemployment, inflation and growing social restrictions did not give the chance for optimism. In...

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Step By Step to Meet a Successful Manager

Being good and better, is required to know many points. Maybe reading these forty and several points doesn’t take your time more than a few minutes but doing these, can put you in the range of best managers for many years.

- Performance is the biggest problem in today’s...

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Strategy and the Necessity of Arranging It

The word strategy is an expression which emanates from military fields and after that has so many different usages in the other fields included economy, commerce and specially politics and governance.

Derivation of the word “Strategy” is a Greek word “Strategia” which means commanding and...

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Three Golden Rules

The first and the biggest problem is words misunderstanding. In the answer of what negotiation is, we should say negotiation is the way of reaching to our wanted result or how much I can buy an object cheaper. For many people, negotiation is the process of a group of...

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Various Points Of View to Strategy

What is strategy? What is the usage? What is the history? What are the various Points of view to strategy? One of the classic articles which is written by Michel Porter and usually Strategy Lesson starts with reviewing it in Harvard University is called “What IS Strategy”.

Of course...

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