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About Us

Established in 2010, JTA International Holding Company works professionally in the fields including search on unique and attractive investment opportunities, providing financing options for projects, business development consultancy, and tourism industry.
Headquartered in Qatar, JTA International Holding manages and works on 32 other local offices over the world including UK, Japan, Australia, South Africa, Finland, Nigeria, Canada, Germany, Luxembourg, Algeria, Spain, Greece, Netherlands, Switzerland, Malaysia, Russia, Oman, Italy, Bulgaria, Norway, Singapore, Maldives, Turkey, Denmark, USA, Indonesia, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Iraq.
Also it performs international business using 19 subsidiary companies in Doha and London .


Our Vision

To be recognized as a successful international investment corporation that will be the preferred partner of professional businesses, investors, and entrepreneurs.

Our Missions

To provide unique and high quality financial services, and create long-term value for our stakeholders, global society, and future generations.





Focus on
the Client




Integrity and

We have proudly based our business goals, ethical behaviour and corporate social responsibilities on principles that would deliver significant benefits to our clients, partners, associates, employees and shareholders. Our continuous focus is on research, development, support for career progression and entrepreneurship with the view to drive organizational and business excellence and success. Our business responsibilities and principles are based on Islamic values and ever increasing customer satisfaction. Our business principles are:

  1. Sincere cooperation along with order and organizational discipline.
  2. Safeguarding information, interests of assets of shareholders, compliance with the principles of privacy, trusteeship, and loyalty to the company.
  3. Maintaining and observing ethical and organizational values.
  4. Maintaining diligence, timeliness, acceptance of suggestions, and culture of accountability in all parts of the organization while maintaining the interests, credibility and reputation of the company.
  5. Maintaining a reputable work environment and dressing in a professional attire in accordance with the Islamic values and the international and professional business culture.
  6. Promotion of creativity, innovation and continuous education in order to acquire and spread knowledge and skills and consequently improve business performance and adherence to corporate and business responsibilities.
  7. Maintaining a professional tone of speech, behavior and communication with colleagues and clients.
  8. Maintaining fairness, teamwork and belief in cultural and religious values.

JTA Holding Ethical Character

JTA Holding is a people-based company. People work at local and international companies for and on behalf of JTA Holding worldwide. JTA Holding is responsible for each of these people. They expect us to support them in the development of their careers, and to provide good terms of employment, safety and security. Our employees also expect JTA Holding to play a role that they can be proud of in the community. This is a mutual interest. From JTA Holding’s point of view it is important for all its employees to act as valuable ambassadors of the company, wherever they may be in the world.
Our role in the community is not limited to our own company and employees. The responsibility extends further to our clients, partners, candidates, the education sector and society in general. Because of the nature of our business activities, JTA Holding’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) policy focuses on the aspects that are related to work in the broadest sense. However, JTA Holding also endeavors to make a constructive contribution to the quality of life in our community by taking measures that reduce social shortcomings and environmental impacts wherever possible.
JTA Holding has a unique and differentiated plan to engaging high school students with real space of business work and administration. Cooperation with UNICEF to support its programs is one area that was focused and will be expanded in future for other organizations like it.


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