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The Third Al-Attiyah Foundation CEO Roundtable in 2022

Date: 2022-09-12

The third Al-Attiyah Foundation CEO Roundtable in 2022 was held on September 12, 2002 to discuss Gas Supply in the Short to Medium Term – Security, Recovery and Volatility. In this session international experts from The Institute of Energy Economics of Japan, Center on Global Energy Policy at Columbia University, S&P Global Platts, and Wood Mackenzie joined CEOs and top decision-makers at major Qatari and international investor and operators in the Energy sector. Dr. Amir Ali Salemi, CEO of JTA Holding and Dr. Iman Saffar, CEO of JTA Energy attended the CEO Roundtable.


While recent spikes in the price of Gas can be attributed to economies rebounding from COVID-19 and the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, some aspects of the current situation could have been predicted with analysis of trends from the previous decade. The low prices for both oil and gas in 2010-2020 limited investments in capacity expansion. The COVID-19 pandemic caused a huge drop in demand for all fossil fuels further limiting investments well below forecasted demand. Rebounding economies and ongoing conflict in Ukraine has caused an unprecedented strain on a tight market for Gas as Russia was the main supplier to many European countries.


Experts and CEOs highlighted the continuing growth in Gas demand and the significant time required for execution of capacity expansion projects. They emphasized the need for clear policy direction and long-term purchase agreements to mitigate unjustified investment risk for supplying countries and companies.

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