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Probing Investment Opportunities in the UAE

Date: 2022-09-30

Probing the investment opportunities in the UAE was one of the focal points of the four-day visit to Dubai (27th – 30th September 2022). During the visit, Dr. Amir Ali Salemi was introduced to some of the opportunities in Construction, Properties, Sports facilities, and Fashion. According to IMF, in terms of the per capita GDP, UAE holds the second place in the Arab world after Qatar and is expected to maintain growth in the coming years. There is an expectation of even a stronger growth, as a result of oil output, higher prices and government initiatives on doubling the size of the manufacturing sector by 2031. With this positive outlook for the UAE in general and Dubai in particular, JTA has decided to enter this market by establishing a presence and appointing a country manager. There will certainly be more news on JTA’s activities in the UAE in the coming months and years.

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