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Kazakhstan A New Promising Market Entry

Date: 2022-02-17

On 17 February 2022, JTA hosted Mr. Arman Issagaliyev, the Ambassador of Republic of Kazakhstan and his team, in Doha HQ to discuss about plan of expansion in CIS market by entering to Kazakhstan.

In this meeting, Dr. Amir Ali Salemi, JTA CEO, explained on how the structure works and areas of mutual interest were discussed clearly. In return H.E. Mr. Issagaliyev explained how attractive, flexible and secure the financial and investment regulatory of Kazakhstan can be and shared some success stories of previous investment setups.

In this meeting. Dr. Amir Al Salemi, was open to the idea of hosting Kazakhstan companies with interest to in Qatar or via Qatar in areas of natural strength and national interest by way of new JTA partnership strategy. Meetings with potential partners and providing some insight on potential opportunities in mining, energy, health, technology, infrastructure and food security, to be organized within next weeks to incept potential partnerships during 2022.

Kazakhstan is the largest and strongest performing economy in Central Asia and has been able to attract over 380 billion US$ worth of foreign investment over last two decades by offering a secure, regulated and flexible investment mechanism and attractive tax incentives and JTA is planning to utilize the offered benefits for a strong entry to the region.

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