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JTA is officially moving into the Sports Industry

Date: 2020-09-01

JTA Holding signed a collaboration agreement this Autumn with a highly regarded partner in the United Kingdom, Catalyst4 Professional Sports Management.  JTA and Catalyst4 will work on business opportunities across many sectors including the sports industry with particular focus on football.  
Catalyst4 PSM is a bespoke professional sports management company that acts on behalf of clients worldwide with diverse backgrounds and from all levels of football. With a global network of established industry contacts and a dedicated ‘Player Management’ team their clients are assured of the highest possible level of service and guidance. This structure maximizes earning potential and delivers career progression. 
Since formation, their aim has been to establish several core values, such as loyalty, trust and diligence alongside recognized partners within Sports Law and accredited FA and FIFA Intermediaries.

• English Football Association Intermediary status (IMSC 000962)
• Over 25+ years’ experience within the sector transacting business in every continent with over 90 deals done
• Structured strategic agent partners in over 20 different countries throughout the world
• Domestically represent 20 players at all levels of football• Internationally represent/mandated for players currently playing in Europe, Asia, Middle East, South America and Australia
• Using their vast global network, Catalyst4 integrates commercial opportunities within global football

JTA are very excited about this collaboration and the opportunities that lie ahead.

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