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Three Golden Rules


Three Golden Rules

The first and the biggest problem is words misunderstanding. In the answer of what negotiation is, we should say negotiation is the way of reaching to our wanted result or how much I can buy an object cheaper. For many people, negotiation is the process of a group of painful techniques which can cause victory and generally its focus is on cost and purchase.

The word negotiate is a derivation of the Latin word of “Negotiatus” which is the past participle of “Negotiari” which means marketing development. The main meaning would be understood so hard because the purpose of negotiation is continuing commercial cooperation with the others by allowing newcomers to enter.

We point three golden rules as following:

Always be the starter of negotiation

You should start the process because everybody who starts the negotiation can end it up with having his benefits. If you let the other one to be the starter of the conversation, you will lose the negotiation process gradually and often do not understand how you lost the process.

Always write the negotiation process

Even the most professional negotiators have problems with documenting the things which were talked and decided about in a negotiation in many situations. You should know the purpose of negotiation is documenting and agreeing in the board of official notes.

Always keep calm

Negotiation can embroil you in emotions, inner desires etc. You should prepare yourself for it before and know how to cope with it..


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