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Ten Great Fears That Cause Failure


Ten Great Fears That Cause Failure

Fear is the main factor of failure and disappointment in professional life, relations and not achieving dreams and goals in humans’ lives. In this article, we describe the most prevalent and important fears we face in our lives to find and overcome our greatest fear.

1. Fear of Rejection

Most people of society are afraid of entering in new relations and meeting new people because of fear of rejection. Even married people are afraid of requesting something from their wives or husbands because of probability of hearing no.

Even if you are afraid of your boss’ rejection to your salary increase request or promotion or rejection of an attractive person who you like, again do not let your fear keeps you back or try to do the right barely.

2. Fear of Failure

One of the biggest humans’ fears in this world is fear of failure.

Many people do not try new things without being sure they will succeed. Fear is one of our natural parts of life and learning from our failures would greatly help people to achieve their final success.

3. Fear of Lack of Finality and needed safety

Most of the times, they are worried and always repeat the sentence, “What if I don’t like it?”

Most of the times, this fear stops people from trying new things. This fear stops people from trying new things. This fear mainly stops people on the way of trying and experiencing new duties and things or doing these duties different from the past.

4. Fear of Loneliness

Sometimes, people continue their inappropriate and bad relations to resist living alone, just because of this fear.

Learning useful methods to tolerate loneliness or more communications with people can be the best help for managing fear of loneliness in your life.

5. Fear of Changes

Todays, we live in a world which is changing fast. Anyway, most of people from different communities still are afraid of changes. So, they resist changing.

Fear of changes can cause stagnancy in life and losing many great opportunities.

6. Fear of Losing Freedom

Although it is better to be a little afraid of losing personal independency and freedom but some people easily allow this fear stop their life and cause them failure. Most of humans have someone in their life they enjoy that person loves them; as a result, they do not start serious relations with others because of fear of losing their personal independence and needed freedom. However, some serious relations can weaken independency and personal freedom but it is better to counterbalance between independency and dependency and keep some freedoms for ourselves.

7. Fear of Being Judged

People who are worried about not being in judged negatively by people, most of the times are shy people who may never be able to use their social and job opportunities in their lives. These people normally are afraid of being cheated by people or not seeing their abilities and talents.

8. Fear of Bad Events

Bad events always happen in life. Happening of these kinds of things is unavoidable. When people always are afraid of happening bad events in their lives, this meaningless fear limits their creativity and activities.

It is possible they refuse doing some special activities or going to special places because they are afraid of happening bad accidents in their lives.

9. Fear of Being Hurt

All of us should be a little afraid of being hurt. If we are not afraid, we do not look at both sides of street when we want to cross it.

Anyway, some people who are greatly afraid of possibility of trauma normally abstain entering to permanent and logical relations with other people. They may abstain having friendly relations, keep their family in a defensive and impenetrable castle and never start a romantic and friendly relation because of the false believe of not being able to tolerate and manage their trauma.

10. Fear of Incompetence

One of the biggest and most common fears in people is they think they are not good enough. Some people lose a lot of opportunities for promotion or condone the chance of leading a group just because they think they are not good enough. Their fears often are from illogical perfectionism and they have the fear till comparing themselves to the others and finding their talents.

“Everything you want is on the other side of fear”, Jack Canfield.


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