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Step By Step to Meet a Successful Manager


Step By Step to Meet a Successful Manager

Being good and better, is required to know many points. Maybe reading these forty and several points doesn’t take your time more than a few minutes but doing these, can put you in the range of best managers for many years.

- Performance is the biggest problem in today’s management and its absence is the biggest fetter to succeed and most of the failures which are considered as the other reasons by mistake.

The companies are more efficacious which dedicated to correct actions and have an undertaking for their social responsibilities which they are working based on it than those which do not do these.

Instead of having an strategic plan, have strategic consideration and ideas.

In new marketing (knowing market) you should consider about customers’ baskets instead of products baskets.

The password for winning and victory is clear, try to no lose in something twice.

Human sometimes loses and sometimes learns something.

Todays’ marketing art, is not selling a refrigerator to an eskimo, but it is having the eskimo as a satisfied customer next to you forever.

Customers are eloquent. If you communicate directly with them, you can learn many from them.

The rough way of changes must be passed by the manager. Because change is not a thing that a manager commands and the others accomplish.

Instead of searching for a job, search for customers. If somebody can market a product which has its desirous, you can be rescued.

The world is changeable in two ways. With writings (using thought) and with sward (using power)

You can be not the people’s manager but you love them. But you cannot manage people without loving them.

Management is the art of attracting the others voluntary victory.

Succeed frequently causes pride, and pride causes failure.

Doing nothing from good people is enough for devil’s victory.

The expense of a new customer is at least fivefold more than keep the present costumer satisfied.

Everybody can have his competence and do it in his own way.

Management is the art of listening to the others. If you do not listen to somebody well, you cannot know their insides.

The ability of learning and using them fast, is the biggest competitive advantage in an organization.

The first way of estimating a leader’s intelligence is looking at the people around him.

If you can guide all the employees to a common goal, you can succeed in any fields, market, and against any competitor in any time.

Most people prefer to die rather than thinking. Many prefer thinking to death.

An aware manager is who trusts his colleagues instead of becoming invincible.

Distinction of a product should be parallel of users’ minds not against it.

In history most of successes had been achieving natural resources like land, gold and oil but nowadays the situation changed and the knowledge is instead of it.

In the most situations, poor countries are wealthy in belongings but they are poor in interests.

The ones, who move from their place, sometimes lose. The ones, who do not move, always lose.

If all the things are important, so know that nothing is important.

Todays’ successful managers consider their key to success was utilizing educated people in their organization.

The maximum happiness and satisfactions of humans’ are whenever their occupation and character are using parallel.

The manager’s role is influencing inside people and exploring their unique sagacity and make it as an action.

Not only do the best managers accept the differences of their employees, but also invest on these differences. There is no lazy, stupid or weak student. The only thing is a good or a weak teacher.

Life is more valuable than working only with the hope for reaching retirement.

Victory is not permanent and failure is not lethal, either.

Tell your employees never ever let to be a victim but if they feel as it, it is better to work somewhere else.

Your actions tell about you more than your words.

Every time I am losing the chess match, stand up from my seat and try to see the board behind my competitor. In that moment I realize my stupid movements.

It is not enough to know, you should act. Wanting is not enough, you should do something.

If you want to know the reason of your employees’ not enough working, go next to a mirror and squint at them.

A meeting which is not managing well, has no result but wasting time.

The best way for predicting the future, is making it.

A satisfied customer tells his satisfaction to three people, but an unsatisfied customer tells to many.

Blame no one, instead of arguing about who stops the progress, discuss about what is a hindering.


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